Paper quilling making ganesh made easy

In this video i will show you how to make a Loard ganesha by using quilling strips.

Paper quilling is a terrific craft for beginners, its eeasy to learn, inexpensive, and loads of fun

What is paper quilling:
Imagine sitting at your kitchen table . In front of you are some narrow strips of colored paper, a tool that looks like a hat pin with handle , and a small bottle of craft glue.

You pick up a strip of paper and roll it around the tip of the tool to make a tightly coiled circle. After letting the coils expand a bit, you glue down the loose paper end, next you pinch the loosely coiled circle to make a teardrop shape.
Things needed :

1.Quilling Board
2.Paper Strips[Red,Blue,Leaf Green]
5.Border buddy
6.paper design
8.A4 size Paper

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