Paper Quilling | Making Human brain with Quilling strips

Procedure to Making human brain with beautiful colorful quilling strips step by step

Step 1  : Draw a human head inner & outer lines  with pencil

Step 2: Cut of  inner line with scissor  

Step 3 : Paint the head with pink color

Step 4: Stick the painted paper on same shape of green colored head initial shape

Step 4 : Stick out the final head design on A4 Size paper

 Step 5 : Roll the quilling strip using Needle and put it in work board then use fevicol to stick the edge of the strip

Step 6: Make 3 tear drop shapes for  petal and make 5 petals for flower .

Step 7:  Make 6 tight coils  and join them with glue and keep aside , do the same procedure for remaining similar flowers .

Step 8: Make a tear drop shape with needle , take straight strip and stick all tear drop strips and make small plant ,do the same procedure for remaining plants .

Step 9: Start decorating human brain with beautiful flowers . 

Now the final product is ready , do the same procedure from your side and make the same shape , you can use this design as as wall frame . 

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